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If you’re on this page, I’m willing to guess that you’re looking to achieve one or more of the following:

  1. Lose weight,
  2. Add muscle mass,
  3. Look younger,
  4. Become healthier, or…

If you’re looking to achieve any of these goals, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

At Perfect Body Mate, you can find tips and strategies that will help you carve out the ideal physique that you dream to achieve.

Who Runs Perfect Body Mate?

Jason Lee

Hey, Jason here.

A year ago, when I decided to start this blog, I knew that I was in for quite an intimidating journey.


Because I knew if I was going to run a blog called Perfect Body Mate, my physique was going to have to be up to par with that name.

And although I’m still a distance away from having that perfect body that I desire, I got to admit: I’ve come a long way.

In fact, this is how I looked like less than 3 years ago:

And here is a recent picture of me:

Although I don’t look nearly as sexy as Christiano Ronaldo, I’d much rather be me now than me 3 years ago…

…or even worse, me during my fat & depressing childhood days.

My Dark Days of Borderline Obesity…

If you don’t feel genetically gifted when it comes to your physique, you’re not alone.

In fact, I was far from it.

To make matters worse, I used to be fed plates of delicious food on top of the fat genetics I thought I was cursed with.

Having spent most of my childhood days with my grandparents, all they could care about is feeding me until my stomach was forced to double in size.

Remembering the pain of starvation they endured back in the Korean War, they didn’t want me to experience even a sliver of that agony.

The result?

They fed me to obesity:

Leveling Up My Gains (of Fat)

When I entered middle school, I finally left my grandparents place.

And because my parents were still busy from working all day and night, I finally had the freedom to watch over myself…

…which meant that I could also eat WHATEVER I want.

So as a naive hungry teenager, if you have just $10 in your pocket, what would you eat?

You got it. Burgers, Fries, and Pizza.

And as you can guess, this obese lifestyle took a life of its own before things got out of control.

In fact, I still remember the day when I decided to finally go on my scale at the age of 16, I was seeing 220lbs right before my eyes.

But the more shocking part?

That didn’t trigger me to change in any way.

Hitting Rock Bottom

But my fat days didn’t last forever, thanks to one shocking event that happened shortly after my massive weight gain.

One day, I went out to shop with my family for a pair of jeans.

And when I purposely picked the biggest jeans in the store, and brought them into the change room, that’s when reality struck me:

No jeans in the store could fit my fat legs.

After taking the courage to tell my parents what was going on, they were kind enough to bring me to a special store that sells oversized clothing, with this ridiculous sign:

But the truly shocking moment came when I actually went inside…

I was one of the skinniest customers in the store!

It felt like entering the NBA after being drafted as the best basketball player in your college…

…but an NBA of the world’s most obese people who can’t find clothes.

Luckily for me, this shocking moment was finally enough to trigger a change.

3 Steps I Took to Turn My Life Around (and How YOU Can Too)

Going from an obese teenager who needed to look for specific stores to find clothes… to someone who is well on his way to achieving his ideal physique was hell of a mission…

But it wasn’t a miracle.

And luckily for you, if you can follow concrete strategies that I’m about to share, you too can transform your body in the exact way that you want to.

Here is a 3-step strategy that you can follow, which helped me get from where I was, to where I am today:

1. Confronting and Accepting Reality

Feeling a burning desire to turn my life around, I asked my dad to sign me up for a gym membership as soon as we came back home.

And as soon as I arrived at the gym, I went on the scale and recorded my weight: 231 lbs.

Even though it was very challenging to face my reality and admit that I was obese, it was an inevitable step to transforming my life.

And if you are in a similar situation yourself, yes it’s going to be hard for you to face your biggest fears and insecurities.

But if you don’t, no one else will do it for you.

2. Creating a Long Term Plan

After accepting your situation whole-heartedly, you must map out a long-term strategy to get yourself to where you want to be.

When it comes to losing weight or getting fit, there are many different ways to achieve your ideal physique.

And while I can’t give you a detailed plan of how to achieve your unique goal, here are 3 rules that I followed in order to drastically transform my body:

Rule #1: Get Clear About Your Goals

The moment I asked my dad to get me a gym membership, I had one very clear goal in mind:

To lose 40lbs of fat.

And when I set this as a concrete goal, I went so far as to photoshopping myself to look the exact way that I wanted to.

And although I don’t look exactly like this, I can tell you just by looking at this picture every single day, I was effortlessly motivated to hit the gym and keep my diet clean, no matter how tough some days got.

So I suggest that you do the same:

Paint a very clear picture of how you want your body to look in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 years…

But the most important part of setting a goal for yourself is that it has to be yours.

Make sure that when you set any kind of goal, it is something that you want to achieve, and not what others want for you.

Rule #2: Keep Experimenting

When it comes to your diet or exercise plan, here is what most fitness trainers and gurus don’t emphasize:

There is no right or wrong.

We all have different genes, physiques, lifestyles, food preferences, and most importantly, we have different goals that we set for ourselves.

That’s why it is impossible for anyone (including myself) to give you the perfect formula for becoming more aesthetic.

For example, when I was choosing my diet plan, it turns out that the Atkin’s diet worked out the best for me, because:

  • My main goal was to lose weight
  • I am not a picky eater (thanks to my grandparents), and
  • Atkin’s diet consists of nothing but lean meats and vegetables, which helps me cut out massive calories from rice

But since I knew myself better than anyone else, no one could have picked this perfect diet plan but me.

And since you know yourself better than anyone else out there, make sure to stick to a method that works best for you.

And most importantly: Make sure to stick to the one that you can pursue consistently for a long time.

Rule #3: Enjoy the Process

This last rule builds on the previous one.

Make sure to enjoy every step of the journey!

Becoming fit and achieving a great physique is not a one time thing; It’s a lifestyle.

The blunt truth is that nothing great can be achieved within one day, week, or even one month.

If you truly want to turn your physique around, you’re going to have to be in it for the long game.

And the most important key that I found to sticking to any kind of routine is to look forward to the process every single day.

For example, I remember when I first started running on the treadmill, I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT.

However, I knew that if I was going to stick to this exercise routine for weeks and months to come, I needed to make it at least somewhat bearable.

So I decided to get creative, and found myself watching my favorite TV shows every time I went on a treadmill.

And before I knew it…

I was able to run effortless for 1 hour every single day.

And still to this day, I can consistently stay on that damn machine for 1 hour or more, simply because I’ve found a way to enjoy the process.

So if you want to integrate any kind of fitness routine into your lifestyle, find ways to make it as enjoyable for yourself as possible.

When it comes to your dieting, make sure to prepare meals that will naturally cultivate your appetite.

For example, if you have eating lean chicken, but you know you have to anyway, sprinkle on your favorite sauce or powder.

And when it comes to your exercise routine, make sure to choose exercises that you genuinely enjoy sweating through, whether it’s: Hitting the gym, swimming, or even playing sports.

And if you can’t enjoy it, make sure to turn up your favorite TV show like I do.

3. Taking Consistent Action

This is the hardest part and where most people give up.


Because if you don’t see results right away, you quickly lose motivation and willpower.

But luckily for you, if you follow the above rules that I mentioned above, it will be much easier to take action on a consistent basis.

  • By looking at the photoshopped picture of me with my ideal physique, it gave me an intrinsic motivation to go to the gym every day,
  • By constantly looking for better and more effective ways to eat, I was able to optimize my diet in a way that was easy to stick to it on a consistent basis, and
  • By getting creative and finding ways to make every part of the process as enjoyable for myself as possible, I was looking forward to doing even the most mundane exercises (like running on a treadmill) every single day

Every Victory Gives Birth to New Challenges

Before I hit my goal of losing weight and becoming leaner, I thought I would become the happiest person on earth when I achieve that goal.

And what I finally reached the milestone, I felt grateful indeed.

Going from 231 lbs to 170 lbs in just 4 months was hard work, but looking back at the entire journey, I could say it was worth the battle.

Not only did I feel a lot healthier, but I could walk more confidently, look at people in the eyes when I talk to them, and most importantly, feel comfortable in my own skin.

But speaking of skin… I realized my journey wasn’t over.

Due to my desperation to lose weight faster than ever, I didn’t care about ANYTHING ELSE besides cutting off pounds of fat from my body.

And while it is good to be very focused on one goal at a time, I realized I took things too far.

Specifically, my drastic weight loss gave birth to 2 new problems:

  1. I had massive amounts of loose skin hanging from my body, and
  2. I developed ugly stretch marks ALL OVER THE PLACE

So I went on ahead to research the fastest and most effective ways to get rid of stretch marks, and once again, went hard at my next goal.

The result?

I was able to cure my stretch marks within 4 weeks!

At this point, it probably makes sense as to so many of my blog posts focus on getting rid of stretch marks.

Since most resources online focus heavily on the more popular topics (like how to lose weight, how to build muscles), I wanted to help solve a problem that isn’t as widely discussed:

How to get rid of stretch marks fast and effectively

And as I proceed onto optimizing my fitness, physique, and health in a holistic manner, I will continue to post my best advices to help you achieve your specific fitness goals, whatever they may be.

The Vision of Perfect Body Mate

There is nothing worse than knowing where you want to go, but not knowing how to get there.

And that was exactly what I had to go through when I set out to become more fit.

I won’t ever forget the days and weeks I spent digging through the endless number of blog posts and long articles just to lose a little bit of belly fat…

…but only ending up with a list of advices that contradict one another.

But luckily for you, you won’t have to suffer through a fraction of the agony that I went through.

By following my blog, not only will you find tailored tips and strategies that will help you achieve your specific fitness goals, but also discover many loopholes to make the entire process of becoming fit fun and exciting.

(Click here to check out my Top 10 VR Fitness Games)

And most importantly, this blog will help you achieve better health and well-being in a holistic manner, so that you don’t run into painful extremes like I did.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to help you become fit, and enjoy a healthier and stress-free life.


How to Reach Jason Lee

If you have any questions that you want to ask me feel free to email me using the contact form.

You can also follow Perfect Body Mate on my social profiles below:


Here is to you creating the body of your dreams!

Talk soon

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  1. Hi am having alot of strech marks on my belly after giving birth and my belly is saggy. Am in Tanzania and can’t get Trilastin. Wat can u recommend. My height and weight is normal

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    • I can’t 100% guarantee that it will work on you as everyone’s genetics, skin condition, and degree of stretch marks are different.
      But I personally found this product the most effective after trying out multiple products.

  7. Hi, I’m pregnant and till my 32 weeks of pregnancy I didn’t had a single stretchmark on my belly.. but now it’s 36 weeks and I have got lots of stretchmarks all of the sudden.. can you please help shall be grateful.. thank you

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    And here I am, reading an amazing blog.
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    You look so handsome and healthy.
    I will follow you on Instagram and Twitter!!!
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    • Hey Kim,
      How are you enjoying your PS VR?
      Sadly I’m more on the HTC Vive side 😛
      Thanks for reading my story.
      I’m not that active on instagram yet but I will get started soon!


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